The Mayors Association of Designated Cities is comprised of the mayors of 20 cities, which have been designated by a government ordinance and have a population of about 700,000 people or more.
We work as basic municipalities, which have closer ties with citizens than the national and prefectural governments, and implement creative policies that leverage the integrated nature of large cities.
Revitalizing large cities will also revitalize the surrounding areas. We will lead the way for the local municipalities of Japan in SDGs and other areas.

We are working on issues that are common to large cities, and advocating the creation of a new large city system and decentralization reform.

  • Make policy proposals and position statements to the government

  • Hold meetings and liaise and coordinate with cities

  • Carry out investigative surveys, research, and publicity and awareness on issues that are common to large cities

  • Respond to disasters

  • Cooperate with international city networks

Interview with the Chairman


The Mayors Association of Designated Cities will host the Urban7 Mayors Summit following on from Germany, and represent the large cities of Japan, the host nation of this year’s G7 Summit. Please tell us about your aspirations for the U7 Mayors Summit.


Our association cannot make this upcoming summit a success all by itself. Therefore, we shall work in close cooperation with both our national governments, and the local governments of all the other U7 countries.

Chairman Kizo Hisamoto
(Mayor of Kobe City)