The Japan Designated Cities Mayors Association is comprised of the mayors of 20 cities, which have been designated by a government ordinance and have a population of approximately 700,000 people or more.

The Japan Designated City Mayors Association (JDCMA) is composed of the mayors of Japan’s 20 designated cities (large cities with populations of approximately 700,000 or more and designated by law to have expanded responsibilities and authority). The JDCMA is working on issues that are common to all urban cities while also advocating for further decentralization reform. Our goal at the JDCMA is to bring cities together through policy proposals and position statements to the national government, mayors’ meetings, investigative surveys and other research, and cooperation with international city networks.

Interview with the Chair


You hosted the Urban7 (U7) Mayors Summit as the chair of the coalition of large cities in Japan, the host nation of this year’s G7 Summit. As the chair, you played a major role in developing the U7 Mayors Declaration. Following the Summit, what are your goals going forward?


I believe that this year’s Mayors Summit reaffirmed that the roles and activities of designated cities have universal value, not only within Japan but throughout the global community.

Chair Kizo Hisamoto
(Mayor of Kobe City)