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The Mayors Association of Designated Cities is active within the Urban7 (U7) framework, and is working in collaboration with the urban coalitions of G7 nations. Through our activities, the Association aims to appeal the important role of cities in addressing environmental, economic, and energy issues. Urban7 urges national governments to listen carefully and fully to the views of cities when making policy decisions.


Japan will host the G7 Summit in 2023, and so the Mayors Association of Designated Cities will cohost the 2023 Urban7 Mayors Summit on March 2, 2023 together with ICLEI Japan. This Mayors Summit will be held in conjunction with the Zero Carbon International Forum, sponsored by Japan’s Ministry of Environment.


On May 3, the 2022 Urban7 Mayors Declaration was adopted at the Urban7 Mayors Summit 2022, which was held in Germany by the host nation’s urban coalition the Association of German Cities, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, and the Global Parliament of Mayors.
The Chairman of the Mayors Association of Designated Cities, the Mayor of Kobe City Kizo Hisamoto, attended as Japan’s representative. He stated that, “As was the case in the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, large cities can no longer function merely as administrative institutions that only implement national policies. Major cities, as leaders of cities, must proactively work toward the realization of a sustainable society, including taking measures to combat climate change, protect biodiversity, and eliminate intergenerational inequalities, all while cooperating and collaborating with the national government.” Chairman Hisamoto also expressed his full endorsement of the Declaration.

2022 Urban7 Mayors Declaration


On June 7, the inaugural G7-U7 Urban Summit was held in the UK by the host nation’s urban coalition Core Cities UK. The then Chairman of the Mayors Association of Designated Cities, the Mayor of Yokohama City Fumiko Hayashi (with the Deputy Mayor Kobayashi of Yokohama City as proxy) attended and participated in compiling a joint statement.

2021 G7-U7 Urban Summit Joint Statement

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